Take the ACE survey for a better understanding of yourself


Extensive and ongoing medical research has shown that traumatic events in childhood can contribute to physical and mental health problems later in life. Adverse Childhood Experiences, or ACEs, can include abuse, neglect or other dysfunction like exposure to substance abuse or violence.


Prevent Child Abuse Louisiana encourages residents to take the ACE survey below. It’s a confidential 10-question exam, developed by researchers, that determines a 0-10 score based on the presence of childhood trauma. The survey takes only a couple of minutes to complete.


Keep in mind that, while the ACE score is insightful, the survey is not a medical diagnosis. Rather, it sheds light on how the past influences our present lives. Many respondents who take the survey have expressed, at the very least, a sense of comfort in realizing that certain childhood experiences helped shape the person they are today. 


PCA Louisiana will accumulate ACE scores – anonymously – according to your city and parish. The aggregate information helps our organization compare different areas of the state and determine where resources are needed most. Once again, the survey is completely confidential. You won’t even be asked for your name.


By taking the survey, you’ll have the opportunity to gain more insight and understanding about yourself. And if you feel you need to talk to someone about the results, we invite you to call us toll-free at (800) 244-5373 for crisis intervention, support, parenting information and referrals to community resources within Louisiana.


You'll also play an important role in PCA Louisiana’s ability to provide help to those who need it and further our mission of preventing child abuse and neglect.


If you are interested in having an ACEs trained speaker visit your organization, please contact Ana Bales with the Louisiana ACEs Educator Program.