While there are methods of intervention and treatment for child abuse, neglect and household trauma, the best chance for a child is to prevent abuse and neglect before it starts.

Children who experience abuse, neglect or household dysfunction are at greater risk for poor outcomes throughout their lives, including emotional, cognitive, physical or behavioral challenges. A safe, stable and nurturing environment is critical to a child’s development. Children who grow up in those environments are more likely to become responsible, productive members of society.

The Cost of Doing Nothing

Child maltreatment affects nearly 700,000 children in the United States annually and costs our nation $220 million daily. Americans pay a staggering $85 billion annually to address the effects of child abuse and neglect. Louisiana is estimated to spend approximately $1.2 billion annually.

Research proves that focusing on prevention is a far more effective use of resources to ensure children reach their full potential rather than treating the effects of abuse after it occurs. Yet, for every $50 spent to treat abuse, only $1 is spent on prevention.